Sunday, January 23, 2011

Old Delhi - if my Mom could see me now

It's been a while since my last post.  Using the Internet here has been difficult at best. My frustration level on that issue has been high.  Not entirely used to being disconnected. Note to self.......IPAD is high on priority after this trip has been paid for lol.  Uploading pictures - at least at this Internet cafe not an option.

We amended our itinerary out of some exhaustion.  There was just too much to squeeze in and so little time.  This country is very large and there is so much to see but in 3 weeks time you really must have a good plan and I believe that was the case but truthfully it was too much.  An extra night in Delhi helped clear up exhaustion issues thankfully and provided the opportunity for some interesting things.

A friend of mine told me that she came to India and took a rickshaw ride through the markets in Old Delhi.  A rickshaw is really a bike with a wood slab attached to the back where you sit and there are bars for you to hang onto.  My friend said that as she was riding the rickshaw she was thinking if my Mom could see me now.  Boy was she right.  This was an adventure that unless you experienced it for yourself understanding the true nature of the craziness is difficult. The pictures will not do it justice.

Our driver Alam was amazing and took us down some of the most narrow alley ways through the crowded spice markets and wedding markets and auto markets.  The smells unbelievable - the sights - the colours - the blues, reds and yellows of the Saree shops - all incredible.  People are finding us Westerner's fascinating and on more than a few occasions people have gotten uncomfortably close to see our faces or eye colour better. Everyone however is very friendly.

We found an expat market - Khan Market and were able to buy some water and snacks and that was quite helpful as most vendors selling water are doing it street side and the water is sitting in the sun all day in plastic bottles.  Not interested in that.  We are using bottled water to brush teeth etc.

We ventured from Delhi for a day to Agra to visit the Taj Mahal...............

Be back soon...

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  1. Your photos are fantastic, Tammy. Everyone at this end of the blog appreciates the effort you are making at your end! Gracias!