Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Adventure Begins Now!!

Well off I go.  Months of planning and preparation are about to finally come into play.  I'm hoping to share as much about this adventure as possible here. Obviously there is no way to know how frequent a computer will be accessible but certainly every few days.

I have a heavy heart today. This is the longest that I will have been away from Matthew and Madeleine ever - not to mention being away from home.  The kids and I have had long discussions about fulfilling your dreams and how important it is for those around you to be supportive of that (not necessarily in agreeance....but supportive).  Dean watched the movie Bucket List with them so that they could have an even greater understanding of how important it is for you to live your best, most exciting life! We have awesome kids and on some level they get it and that is pretty cool in my book.

The interesting part of sharing with people about where I am going was in observing the reactions. I guess the most commonly asked question has been 'Why India?' and 'Why not Italy?' (lol) truthfully I can't tell you the full answer to that yet. But I am confident that the answer will come to me quite readily in the next few weeks. My goal is to look for the beauty in India and share it with as much honesty and humility that I can.

This morning I have savoured everything - the smiling faces around me, the phone calls from well wishers, the chocolate croissant and tea I had for breakfast and the very hot shower - oh my!

Thanks in advance for reading.

Namaste with love


  1. Enjoy every moment and embrace all the differences and more importantly the similarities in life for all people!

    Have a wonderful experience,
    luv Sandy and Jim

  2. You have already brought tears to my eyes in reading your first entry. I am so proud of you !! India has no idea what beauty is about to be bestowed on her. And yes - am in full agreement -- your kids are awesome!!