Saturday, January 29, 2011


Sleep in Jaipur has been challenged.

The nights are very cold ( 5 degrees) and the Haveli has no heat.

One of the most beautiful things - at 5:30 in the evening you can hear the sound of children laughing and playing from the rooftop terraces - all of them flying beautiful coloured kites.  It is a scene out of the movie - The Kite Runner.  If you haven't seen the movie - I would suggest it - it is beautiful.

The little specks you see are the kites.  Very difficult to get a good picture.

Four times throughout the day in this city - 5:30am, 2 times through the day and again at 7:30pm you can hear the call to prayer for Muslims.  A chanting that is exactly that - a call to prayer that rises from the depths of the city to high above the mountains.  It is beautiful - even at 5:30 am lol.

Here is a pic of a lovely lady I met working in the washroom of a roadside restaurant on the way to Jaipur.   She was too pretty and authentic to not have a pic.

and another of one of the modes of transportation in this vast archaic country......

Be in touch soon.

Tam :)

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