Saturday, January 29, 2011

New City....New Adventure

Well bye to Delhi....last evening at dinner met a group from Colorado.  A lady and her young son and an Aunt travelling with them.  Here in India for 90 days while the young boy receives stem cell transplants.  Blew me away. In a country that seem so archaic to such a progressive treatment not yet available in Canada.

Now in Jaipur - in the province on Rajasthan.  A 6 hour drive from Delhi.  Staying with the Singh family at their Haveli.  Once their family palace now converted into a 14 room facility. Absolutely beautiful from the outside........

I have learned a lot about Indian culture and the cast system.  This is a method of categorizing the people.  From the colours that they can wear......




To what food they can eat (veg or non-veg) and who they can marry..................

And if you are wondering if I........

did get to attend an actual marriage ceremony...........................

You would be correct!  Ask and the universe shall provide (and yes all the pictures on the blog are indeed mine!)


(PS. Keep forgetting to tell you that the second night in Delhi I was awoken at 2am by an earthquake - epicentre in Pakistan 7.2 on the Richter scale)


  1. Looks spectacular. I'm drooling over the colours in the candy store...ooops, fabric shop.

    Carol XO

  2. Tammy..reading your blog is such a treat! Thank you for doing such a fantastic job of sharing your experiences. What a gift!