Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Gem of India

Here in Udaipur has been most enjoyable. The weather delightful, this palace incredible.  Unfortunately my fear of heights overtook me on a trek up the highest mountain in the city to a temple at the top and I had to sit with the guide on the side of the mountain regaining my composure and awaiting photos from the top.  This fear of heights of mine allowed me the most intriguing conversation with this guide about the village the palace overlooks and the 100 or so people it employs.  After several probing questions on the guides part about my interest in pot (and as most will know my not so interest in pot lol) it suddenly dawned on me that this guide was looking to perhaps sell me some pot - maybe smoke some with me? I never let the conversation get that far, steering it in a much different - perhaps opposite direction - discussing kids etc. He promptly attempted to discuss sex with me and learned I was not interested in that either.   Most men are far less bold in this country in my experience.

At the end of the trek (getting down was easier) the guide offered give us a ride the following day around Udaipur and we took his name and number but after some discussion decided the hotel car would likely be safer.

The following night I learned more from the camel guide who pointed out that this village tends to have more children per family than the sketchy 2 per as allowed by the government because of the serious amount of pot smoking. Ahhhhh - now I understand. Drugs and sex.  Hmmmmmm (Dean you might have to edit this for the kids).

So after three of the most relaxing days in India.........................

We will bid goodbye to this most precious palace overlooking what has to be the most free spirited village below....................

and am doing so with a heavy heart and a promise to someday return .............................

I know their gates will always be open for me and anyone who wisely chooses to visit....hurrah to Devi Garh.

This last picture is indicative of this village - ladies in beautiful coloured Saree's farming the fields while the husbands work in restaurants and store fronts.  

Miss you,

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